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Join the Gurucan Team
We are constantly looking for curious and motivated people who share our values and love solving complex problems
What is Gurucan?
Gurucan is a knowledge management platform. We help content creators create and monetise their online courses in one place. Gurucan is giving course owners every tool they need to run a successful digital business.
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Mobile Apps:
iOS & Android
Sales landing pages
Web Platform
Admin panel
Why join Gurucan?
Competitive salary
We want you to focus on doing your best, and we'll handle the rest. You'll get a good salary and lots of perks, from cookies to any tech you need
Young and competent management
Our founders have experience launching global companies. We've got world class experience in technology and management. You'll never feel misunderstood!
Complex problems
We are a startup company so the range and complexity of problems you'll be solving is going to be big. That also gives way more experience than you can get in other company.
Global market
We're not limited by countries and markets. Our product is global and so is our team. We'd like you think global as well
Growing at a spaceship speed
Our company is growing very fast. We already won batch 2 of Sberbank 500 accelerator and that's just the beginning!
Great team
Our team is more a family than a group of co-workers. We help each other, have fun and travel together. You'll never walk alone!
Read this before applying
Can I work remotely?
The short answer is yes! We've got the main part of our team working together in Moscow. But we're looking for great people all over the world so you can work from literally anywhere! The only thing we'll expect from you is having a good level of responsibility and at least 4 hrs a day of work hours intersection.
How to apply?
Just fill out a short form under each position to get started. The application process in most cases and for most of positions will consist of 3 stages:
  1. Form application and assessment
  2. Test task
  3. Personal interview
I don't have time for a test task
We understand that applicants might not have much time doing the task because they already have a full time job. And we also understand that not everyone is willing to do a large task for free without being confident in getting a job.

But we also can't understand your experience without completing this test. That's why:
  • We encourage you to do better, not bigger. If you don't have much time – do some part of the task but do it well
  • We give the same task to every candidate and some of the tasks are given for many years straight. And we never use your code
  • We ask you to estimate hours it took you to complete the task
If don't feel comfortable completing the test task – you still can apply, but we'll prefer candidates that have the motivation to complete it.
What is your technology stack?
Gurucan is built with the help of:
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Mongodb
  • Styled components
  • Figma
  • Lottie
Should I be speaking English fluently?
Even though most of the team is based in Moscow and is speaking Russian, we're building a global company so speaking english is a big plus, but not a show stopper. If you can understand this – you can apply.