7 Ways to promote your referral link

Share on social media 💬
Create & sell course without technical headaches
The Gurucan creatives page includes
various social media platforms.
Add the referral link to your website 🔗
A referral link, description, or branded image works in any number of places on a website.
Host a giveaway 🎁
If you have a digital item that you are marketed via Gurucan, attempt entering a gift or competition where you also encourage a refereral link.
Film a vlog 📹
Film a live product review, or incorporate Gurucan into your daily vlog.
Send a newsletter ✉️
If you have a weekly or monthly newsletter, this is a perfect way to promote your new referral link.
Write a blog post ✍️
Using your referral link in a blog post is one of the most effective promotion methods out there.
Co-host a webinar with us 📹
We have webinars that are demonstrated to turn participants into paying clients. If you have more than 500 community members, we will stream the webinar — use your referral connection in it — free!